Kelham Revealed!


Kelham Revealed! is a new two-year Community project that will research the location & scale of the Medieval village at Kelham, the development of the church, the development of Kelham Hall pre-17th century, & further research into the Civil War, including the recording of previously unrecorded Civil War earthworks.

It is a partnership project between Involve Heritage CIC, the Kelham Hall Estate, MBArchaeology, the Civil War Centre and Kelham Church, and is funded by the Heritage Lottery. Work will begin in September 2017.


This new project builds upon work undertaken between 2014-16 by MBArchaeology and a group of local people as part of the ‘Kelham in the Civil War’ project. This work revealed the need for a much wider research project to understand the development of the village from prehistory up to the Civil War period of the 17th century.

Volunteers will be trained in research, map study skills, landscape & walk-over surveys, building surveys, geophysical surveys, recording methods & archaeological surveying, test pit excavation methods & post-excavation finds analysis, and in Arts-based mediums in order to create examples of art.

The information we gain will be used to create a special Heritage Exhibition showcased within Kelham Hall.











If you would like to be involved in the project, please contact the Project Director Matt Beresford via


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