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The Roman Southwell Community Project was established in January 2014 by MBArchaeology, and is entirely self-funded through public donations and support, fundraising activities and small-scale community grants.

Its main aim is to provide training & support for local people in order to research the Iron Age and Roman landscape of the Southwell region of Nottinghamshire. This is done through map work, document studies, field surveys, excavation, fieldwalking, geophysics and public outreach sessions. It also aims to use this information to inform and educate the wider community through a series of outreach sessions, open days, publications and community events.

In July 2015, Involve Heritage CIC were awarded three years of funding from the Nineveh Trust to become part of the Roman Southwell Community Project, and help it to grow and reach out to the widest possible audience.

Our role will be to facilitate the project as it continues to grow and to explore ways of widening participation through public events, school sessions and fundraising initiatives, whilst also supporting the fieldwork element.


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Over the past year, we have supported the project in a series of public outreach sessions, including two Community Archaeology Conferences which saw over 100 people engage with the project, public talks and site visits, and have funded a programme of Finds Analysis sessions with a Roman Pottery expert, who has provided hands-on training and a short report on the pottery recovered in the 2014-15 seasons. This will help to provide dating for the Roman occupation in the region, and the results will form part of a published archaeology report in the Thoroton Journal, complimenting the community-aspect of the project with a professional element that will help it become more sustainable for the future.


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For more on the project, visit the project page by clicking here. 


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