Slave Trade Legacies: The Colour of Money


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Between 2013-2015, Involve Heritage CIC worked in conjunction with Bright Ideas Nottingham to help develop the concept of a community-focussed project that explored the controversial topic of the Slave Trade in direct relation to many of the country’s Country Houses and Industrial Sites. Our Director, Helen, worked on the project as heritage mentor, and helped to co-write a successful HLF bid for a two-year project –  Slave Trade Legacies: The Colour of Money.

Over the last eighteen months, the project explored the extent to which some UK heritage visitor attractions acknowledge their links to the transatlantic slave trade. Volunteers were given training from a range of expert facilitators and analysed venues with well-known or hidden links to slavery. They also explored how their own ancestors have contributed to the material wealth of the UK including the wealth of certain individuals.


The project visited a number of heritage sites across the East Midlands and beyond. These included Boughton House in Northamptonshire, where project volunteers had the opportunity to explore content from archival material and items from their private collection with links to Black history, and the Derwent Valley Mills in the Derbyshire Peak District. Project volunteers were also able to connect with the ‘Montagu Monuments’ project, another Lottery-funded initiative, which created a great opportunity for volunteers to shared their experiences.


Slave Trade Legacies: The Colour of Money reached the final of the Heritage Lottery Award in early 2016.


The project continues with the support of the University of Nottingham.


To view the project page, please click here.

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